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Poker during many years is considered as one of the most dynamic and gambling joy. Previously, this card competition was held only in offline establishments and in order to play people needed for example to go to Las Vegas. Today, most gambling fun takes place online and users can take part in the battles right at home.

Because of the particular interest in recent years, professional gamers arrange team competition in the card game. Poker tournaments in 2019 are held both in land-based clubs and on online platforms. You can choose your favorite option, go through the registration procedure and become a member of one of the most exciting card competitions.

About the features of the tournament platform Running Aces Poker is the review below.

Features that are running towards you

If you like to spend time surrounded by cutting-edge design, playing all types of Poker that currently exist, as well as taking part in team games, then Running Aces Poker is the best place for you and your gambling friends. This card room in the style of the best institutions of Las Vegas attracts thousands of gamers from around the world. Here you will find everything for full-fledged bright leisure, with unforgettable emotions and unusual game moments.

On its site users will find a variety of games, among which are particularly popular ones:

  • Blackjack;
  • Pai Gow;
  • 3 – and 4-card Poker;
  • Texas Hold’em;
  • Omaha.

RunAces MPC offers new and regular players to try themselves in daily Poker tournaments with various options and incentives for users of the card platform. Running Aces tournaments you can find on Facebook, where each user has a unique opportunity to dive into the world of gambling achievements of the club. Here you can read real reviews of players who took part in such an exciting event at least once. Running Aces Poker Facebook invites fans of a truly dynamic game with prizes and rewards to its page.

In order to become a member of the team card game in the room, you need to know some Poker news about each step:

  • Running Aces Poker room places information on the site about the time when the Poker tournament will be held;
  • Players go to the site of the room and register there;
  • When the team game begins, each participant sits down at the table with other players;
  • The dealer gives virtual money to each of the participants and if the tournament is free, the players do not pay anything;
  • During the round, the number of participants at the table may be changed, some people are eliminated from the game;
  • Those participants who reach the end and will be able to win the tournament, in the final receive cash incentives from the club.

A kind of free tournament, which is very popular today among American gamers, is called-Freerolls.

There are 2 types of Freerolls:

  1. Type of competition, when the winnings are immediately credited to your real money account. This tournament called Freeroll with no requirements.
  2. The second type, where you need to win back first. For example, to win back $1, the user first needs to play 10 hands.

Types of Poker tournaments which are held here

On the site Running Aces tournaments players are available to use various options for competitions, both single and team. As a result, many users try to get to the most important tournament of all time – WSOP – World Series of Poker, after they have raised their level of professionalism.Every year this event takes place in Las Vegas. Here you can meet the strongest gamers who have achieved incredible skill in Poker. The main prize of this competition can be estimated at several million dollars!

In 2019, such types of team competitions on this ancient card game as WPT (World Poker Tour) and EPT (European Poker Tour) are also very popular.

If we talk about online platforms, modern gamers can take part in such types of online Poker tournaments as:

  • Multitable tournaments
  • Shootouts or singletable ones
  • Satellites
  • The freerolls
  • Sit & Go
  • Rebuy
  • Turbo
  • Time-limited competitions
  • For such competitions, the top of Olympus is the world championship in online Poker – WCOOP, which takes place every September. Also, it is worth noting that today each playing room offers its own series, which differ only in the number of participants, and hence the size of the prize fund. Each new level in the standings depends on the professionalism of the participants, as well as on the points that form the overall rating of users.

    Today, the online space is available to player’s tournaments every day. Learn the Running Aces Poker schedule and participate in the best gambling venues in the world. Good news is that recently the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) returned to Running Aces Casino and now gamblers can try themselves in this exciting competition.

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